Monetizing the Customer's Emotional Journey

Webinar from The Martec Group + Quirk's

Emotions permeate each touch point of the customer journey. Do you really understand the emotions involved in your customers' experiences with your brand?

Today’s marketers know empathy is important, and the only way to empathize is to understand the emotions customers are feeling at every touch point of their journey. Customers are more likely to buy (and buy more frequently) when they feel emotionally connected to a brand. In this webinar, Emily Anderson and Chuck Bean discuss how to understand customers’ emotions at each point of the customer journey and how to target specific emotions that produce stronger emotional connections.

Using an adaptation of Plutchik’s wheel of emotions, you will learn how to categorize emotions in a logical way, generating insights that are straightforward enough to understand and act upon instead of abstract ideas that leave you wondering what to do next, making it easier to implement real-world CX solutions.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The advantage of creating an emotional connection to your brand with your customers
  • Why it is essential to understand the emotions your customers are feeling on their journey
  • Using Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions in market research

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